About Diary of an Anxious Mind

Diary of an Anxious Mind is published every Friday in the Weekly Tribune, London. You gotta subscribe to the paper so I re-post the content here!

Soooooooo – I have suffered from anxiety throughout my life although I have only just come to realise that there has been a pattern! I thought it was normal to spend every day thinking and trembling about potential catastrophes but apparently it is not!

The first time I sought professional help was at age twenty-one.  I was a student and I was battling some global concerns.  I whimpered to the counsellor that I just needed someone to tell me that everything was going to be OK.  Using her best textbook training she told me, in soft patronising tones, that only I could tell myself that everything was going to be OK.  Now what the fuck kind of advice is that to give to someone who is crippled with fear of everything?

Since then, I have tried many forms of therapy with varying degrees of success and failure.  But the simplest suggestion has been that I should try and find a place to store my uncontrolled anxiety.  By this, I think therapists mean that I should store my terrors in a mental box in my head.

But I had a better idea!  I decided to write about it instead!  And now that I’ve decided to do that, I instantly feel better; not just at the thought of offloading everything, but at the prospect of making use of my dramatic thoughts.  In other words, such is the nature and extent of my life long fears, it is almost a shame to keep it all to myself.

So – this website is intended to be an upbeat place to air and share anxiety. Now let’s get fretting!